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Common Core State Standards-Math and
Next Generation Science Standards in Chicago

As a doctoral student at the University of Chicago, I worked with researchers at the UChicago Consortium on School Research to study implementation of the Common Core State Standards in Math (CCSS-M) and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) in Chicago Public Schools.

The CCSS-M and NGSS, which have been adopted by most states over the past decade, set ambitious math and science learning goals that have required significant changes in teaching practice. The UChicago Consortium team investigates understudied aspects of standards implementation through analysis of teacher and student data in Chicago Public Schools. We have examined which implementation supports have been most effective at changing teacher practice and improving student outcomes, and we have compared the outcomes of heterogeneous student groups in response to standards implementation.

As an Institute of Education Sciences (IES) Predoctoral Research Fellow, I have had the opportunity to research the following questions:

  • How have math instruction and student outcomes changed since the implementation of the standards in schools with differing levels of standards-related professional development?

  • Which district supports have been most strongly associated with teachers’ reports of their standards-aligned instructional practices? 

  • How have teacher leaders described the supports that they found most useful for changing their instructional practices?

  • How did changes in math and science outcomes differ for students with differing prior levels of achievement?

CCSS-M & NGSS: News & Resources
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